Foiling Instructions
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Foiling Instructions
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When you get to the elements, push the foil up against the element on the left or the element brackets on the right to make a line in the foil so that you may cut that line (see Photo C) The foil can then be rolled back to the corner and across the back for approximately 3 inches and taped into place. (See Photo D) (These tabs will be covered by the sheets that go across the back)
Photo C
Once the side pieces are in place, a single sheet of foil will go up on each side across the back, across the top, and down the front so as to rest on that lip above the doors. (See Photos E, F, &G) This last edge must not cover the light or thermostat bulb, but does not need to be taped. Smaller sheets should not be taped together since the tape might burn through and the foil could drop on the chickens. The lengths of foil needed for the various ovens are indicated on the table above. Those final sheets can be taped at the bottom. This and the part resting above the doors is enough to hold the foil in place, but you should also tape sections on back and top to keep neat. (See Photo H)
Photo D
Photo E
Photo G, from inside above door
Photo H
Photo F