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Foiling Instructions
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Foiling Instructions
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This section is to provide guidelines to foiling the machine.

We prefer the extra-wide (18) heavy duty foil, and Scotch Magic Tape to hold it in place.

Remove the old foil. If the cabinet under where the foil was isnt too bad, you can use a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge to remove any loose fat that might have worked its way back there and would keep the tape from sticking. If its warranted, and it occasionally will be, you can use an oven cleaner to loosen burned on fat and an excess of residual tape, and then wipe it clean.
The first pieces of foil to put into the oven are the side pieces, which are nearly identical to each other. The length of foil is equivalent to the height of the rotisserie. (See Photo A) The foil is placed upright beginning at about from the front and rolling towards the back after first folding the upper corner for the light bulb. When you get to either the motor shafts on the left side or the spit bushings on the right side, a clean circle can be cut with the thumb and index finger nails. (See Photo B)
Photo A
Photo B