1, Weekly cleaning of your WondeRoaster is important to maintaining itís peak merchandising potential. In general, there are two ways to do this. The simplest which is preferred by most stores is to line the interior of the cabinet with aluminum foil. The other way is to spray the interior with oven cleaner at the end of each day and wipe it down the next morning. Some stores prefer this method, although it is more time consuming.
2. Add water to rotisserie pan, approximately half full. Do not allow to run dry. (Empty water pan when done cooking for the day.)
3. Place loaded spit rods in rotisserie and close doors
∑ set temperature control at 500 degrees
∑ turn on spit rod motors
∑ set timer: 75 minutes on two spit, 90 minutes on three spit rotisseries (when preparing only one or two spit rods, deduct 10 or 5 minutes respectively.
4. Approximately half way through roasting process reverse upper and lower spit rods so chickens will have uniform color and the same degree of "doneness."
Important: Check one of the chickens from the first batch you prepare using a meat thermometer, looking for at least 180 degrees internally, or by cutting down to thigh joint and making certain product is thoroughly cooked. If there are traces of pink, replace spit rod in rotisserie and give additional ten minutes roasting time. Check for doneness again. Chickens look done before they actually are. It is better to over-cook chickens than to under-cook, since our high humidity ovens keep the chickens juicy. Once you establish the roasting time with the first batch, WondeRoaster will not vary if you continue using the same size chickens.
*Timer controls heating elements but must be advanced beyond 20 minutes to activate heat. It may then be re-set at less than 20 minutes. When roasting time expires the timer turns off heat automatically.
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