Rotisserie Baskets
Because of the wide variety of items that can be cooked in these baskets, it's best to use a meat thermometer. Also, the regular baskets are not stainless steel, so use a cooking spray before cooking to make cleaning easier.
Dimensions and Electrical Requirements
Cooking Instructions
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Foiling Instructions
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Cooking Timetable
Rotisserie Baskets
Parts List
We have a custom basket that is made of stainless steel, to last much longer than the older ones. We still suggest using a non-stick spray beforehand for easier cleaning afterwards. Being stainless steel, you can also use an oven cleaner on it.

They're longer and narrower so that they can be placed in two adjacent motor positions. Please call for additional details.
Extra capacity can be achieved by placing two baskets on one rod. To do this, before inserting the rod place the baskets back to back so that they interlace, and the rod holes line up. The rod may then be inserted.