All rotisseries are 40 inches across and 16 inches deep. All warmers are 40 inches across and 19 inches deep. The provided formica covered or plastic "divider board" is 40 inches across and 24 inches deep.
Model 251XL 4775 Watts
38" High

Model 302 4050 Watts
29" High

Model 402 6150 Watts
39" High

Model W400AI 1200 Watts
39" High, Including Adjustable 6" Legs
Please note: the separate holding oven, Model W400AI, operates on 110 volts. The rotisseries operate on 208v Single Phase. Please call us at 1-800-328-3972 if there are any questions regarding this.
WondeRoasters and Warmer
Dimensions and Electrical Requirements
Cooking Instructions
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Foiling Instructions
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Rotisserie Baskets
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