Oven Models
Model 251 XL
The Model 251XL is the smallest of our ovens, and is an ideal starting point for Convenience stores and smaller Grocery stores. It can cook up to 8 chickens at a time, and store up to 12 chickens in it's built-in
holding oven.

Model 302 and W400 AI
Shown here is the Model 302 atop a W400 AI holding oven. Over the years, this combination has been the most popular for most stores. The model 302 will cook up to 12 chickens every 90 minutes, and the Model W400 AI will hold about 24 chickens, and is designed for self-service. We suggest this sort of arrangement so as to reduce floor space requirements and to put the cooking unit right at the point of sale to best utilize the presentation for merchandising the product. Our holding ovens are also available with doors front and back, for inline or countertop use.
Model 402
Dimensions and Electrical Requirements
Cooking Instructions
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Foiling Instructions
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Cooking Timetable
Rotisserie Baskets
Parts List
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This is the Model 402, which is typically placed atop a Model W400 AI holding oven similar to the way pictured for the Model 302. It has a cooking capacity of 16 chickens every 90 minutes, and is our largest capacity oven. Some customers utilize a modular approach with several ovens, which allows them greater capacity as well as the option to cook several different products at the same time.